Memorial Spaceflights

Luna 02 Flight

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for a uniquely compelling location to remember a life. Reservations are open.

About The Luna 02 Flight

A mission of purpose, a dream fulfilled.

Launch Experience

Witness the power and grandeur of a launch into space.

Honored Participants

Read about the participants aboard the Luna 02 Flight.


Hear first hand impressions from Celestis launch guests.

About the Luna 02 Flight

Reach out to Earth’s nearest neighbor for a uniquely compelling location to remember a special life aboard our next Luna Service spaceflight.

Join families from around the world at Cape Canaveral, Florida and at the launch site in New Zealand for the ultimate mission of purpose – the Celestis Luna 02 Flight.

Like previous missions, the Luna 02 Flight - Celestis’ second Luna mission -  is expected to be sold out well in advance.

Contact us today and ensure your loved one's participation in this mission! 

Luna Service #2

Mission Name: Luna 02 Flight
Launch Location: New Zealand
Launch Date: Fourth quarter 2017


Participate in a real mission to the moon!

Family and friends are invited to visit the Moon Express development and test facility at Cape Canaveral, Florida for a tour and viewing of the Luna 02 host spacecraft. Celestis will host a Memorial Service near the Moon Express facility in conjunction with the departure of the spacecraft for the launch site, offering the chance for a final bon voyage to the participants aboard the Luna 02 mission.

The Luna 02 mission will lift off from the Rocket Lab launch facility in New Zealand in the fourth quarter of 2017. Friends and family members who travel to New Zealand to attend the launch will be hosted by Celestis staff. The launch will be webcast for family members and friends unable to attend.

Moon Express, Inc.

MoonEx spacecraft approaching the Moon

Celestis has selected Moon Express to host the Luna 02 Mission.

Moon Express, Inc. (MoonEx) is a privately funded commercial space company blazing a trail to the Moon to unlock its mysteries and resources with low cost robotic spacecraft products & services using exponential technologies. Click for details

Honored Participants aboard the Luna 02 Flight

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