Memorial Spaceflights

Memorial Spaceflights



A mission of purpose, a dream fulfilled.

Upcoming Missions

Witness the power and grandeur of a launch into space.


Hear first hand impressions from Celestis launch guests.


Surpisingly affordable and easy to arrange.

A Mission of Purpose

The dream of spaceflight is now a reality for all of us.

Celestis Memorial Spaceflights make the dream of spaceflight a reality by launching a symbolic portion of cremated remains into near-space, Earth orbit, Lunar surface or even beyond. You or your loved one will venture into space as part of a real space mission, riding alongside a commercial or scientific satellite.

There isn’t a more compelling memorial service for someone who loves science fiction, marvels at space or simply longs to be at one with the cosmos.

Upcoming Missions

A Dream Fulfilled

Touch the cosmos

With a roar and a fiery streak across the sky, the rocket lifts its precious cargo higher and higher into the peaceful solitude of space. Witness the launch of your loved one aboard a powerful rocket lifting off from Spaceport America — the birthplace of the American rocketry, or from Cape Canaveral - the cradle of the space age. Join other families for one final close up, private tour or the rocket on the launch pad the day before the launch. At liftoff, you know you’re fulfilling a dream.

Fact: Celestis has a heritage of over 30 years and the experience of 14 completed memorial spaceflights, with more flights scheduled yearly.

A Commemoration of Love

At the memorial service preceding, families share life stories via webcast, or choose quiet contemplation of the next day's launch.

Fact: Celestis representatives personally served families from more than 20 countries.

Satellite Tracking Map

A Step Into the Universe

Track Your Loved One In {Service.Name}

Family and friends can track the path of the orbital satellite as it makes its journey around the Earth.


Surprisingly affordable, easy to arrange.

Memorial spaceflights services are surprisingly affordable - less than the cost of an a average funeral expense. Payment plans are available. Contact us now to find out about the many ways you can secure space aboard our next mission or to prearrange this service for when the time comes.

Fact: Celestis supports several charities dedicated to improving life on Earth and exploring and inhabiting space.


Fulfill the Dream of Spaceflight

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