Memorial Spaceflights

How It Works

Submitting the Flight Sample


1. From the Celestis Memorial Spaceflight page select the Celestis DNA service, sign the contract, and make your payment.

2. You'll receive a DNA sampling kit in the mail. Swab your inner cheek several times and allow the cotton swab to air dry. 

3. Seal the swab and mail it to CG Labs.

4. CG Labs will extract, purify, stabilize, and preserve your DNA from the swab.

Preparing the Flight Sample

5. CG Labs will ship your preserved DNA sample to Celestis where it will be stored in a safe deposit box in Houston, Texas.

6.  Well before the launch Celestis will place your preserved DNA sample in its spacecraft and transfer the spacecraft to the payload integration location.

Launch and Related Activities

7. As the launch date draws near, the Celestis customer service department will issue newsletter e-mails and alerts, and establish a telephone launch “hotline” to keep you, family members and friends apprised of the latest launch news.

8. Pre launch briefings and a memorial service are typically conducted on the day before the launch. On launch day, a viewing site is established with Celestis staff on site. Most launches are webcast live.

Post Launch

9. After a successful launch, Celestis provides a professionally produced video of the launch and related events to you, your family or to your designee.

10. The Celestis DNA service also includes at no additional cost a CG Labs Home DNA Banking kit that you can use to store your DNA.

 CG Labs DNA Banking Kit


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