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Tribute Flight

The Celestis Earth Rise memorial spaceflight, The Tribute Flight, was launched into space at 8:01 am MST (10:01 am EST, 3:01 pm GMT) November 6, 2015!

About The Tribute Flight

A mission of purpose, a dream fulfilled.

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About the Tribute Flight

This was our 7th Earth Rise mission and 14th memorial spaceflight. We once again launched aboard an UP Aerospace SpaceLoft XL launch vehicle from Spaceport America, New Mexico. The Tribute Flight is dedicated to all of those on board the mission, as well as to the ancient Native Americans of northwestern New Mexico whose thousand-year-old architecture speaks of a culture that was very much in tune with the motions of the Sun, the Moon and the stars. Learn more...

The Earth Rise service affordably launches a symbolic portion of ashes into space, and after experiencing the zero gravity environment, returns the individual flight capsules and modules back to Earth. The capsule or module is then returned to the family or loved one as a keepsake.

Earth Rise Service

Mission Name: Tribute Flight
Launch Location: Spaceport America, NM
Launch Date: November 06, 2015

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